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Britney Spears ordered not to drive with kids in the car

Los Angeles judge orders Britney Spears not to drive while kids in the car.

Britney Spears ordered not to drive with kids in the car Much could be said about Britney Spears and her driving skills (or the lack of) and the law has spoken - Britney is not allowed to drive any vehicle while her kids are present in it. L.A. Superior Court Commissioner Scott Gordon gave the sealed order during a court hearing, after K-Fed and his lawyers informed the judge about the latest traffic incident Britney Spears was involved in - running a red light with her two sons in the car. This incident was also caught on film, you can watch the video below.

 Currently Kevin Federline has the custody of the kids, as a result of Britney Spears defying court orders and the custody battle continues. Now if only someone takes her driving license - imagine how safe the L.A. streets would be. Oops, wait, she just pleaded not guilty last month to a misdemeanor charge of driving without a valid driver's license...


 Published on 11/16/2007

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