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Lindsay Lohan puts 84 minutes in jail and walks free

Lindsay Lohan enters jail on Thursday and is released 84 minutes later for overcrowding.

Lindsay Lohan puts 84 minutes in jail and walks free The total of 84 minutes was the length of time Lindsay Lohan spent in jail on Thursday, as part of her 24-hour mandatory sentence. And, yes, you guessed it right, she was released early due to overcrowding. Lindsay was booked at the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, California at 10:30 am on Thursday to serve her minimum 24-hour sentence, and was released at 11:54 am the same day, following the prison policy for releasing non-violent offenders due to overcrowding. Spokesman for the sheriff denied that Lohan was given any special treatment and told the press that about 50 women are released early every day from the detention facility due to over-crowding.

 The little jail time Lindsay Lohan served stems from the 4-day jail sentence given to her in August. Two days out of the four were knocked out in exchange for 10 days of community service and further one day was credited for time served during the July DUI charge. Lindsay Lohan has five more days of community service and is on three years probation.

 Published on 11/17/2007

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