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X Factor results: Alisha voted off the show

Alisha was the latest to be eliminated from the "X Factor", judges vote 3-1 against her.

X Factor results: Alisha voted off the show And we are down to only six contestant on the popular U.K. show "X Factor", after Alisha Bennett was the one voted off yesterday. Alisha found herself in the bottom two, along with the girl-group Hope, and when it came down to counting the votes, she was sent home. Many call Alisha's elimination "running out of luck", because she has been in the bottom two twice in the past, but was spared as other participants were eliminated. But not tonight and the underdog of X Factor was eliminated, after being listed with betting odds of 35/1 on winning the show at the British online bookmaker Bet 365. "I simply did the best I could," Alisha Bennett said after her elimination from X Factor. "She is a class act," her mentor Sharon Osbourne said.

 As usual, Simon Cowell added drama to the X Factor by jumping on fellow judge Sharon Osbourne and blaming her for the poor performance of Alisha's backing singers. "I don't have the power on the show to stop anything. You hire and fire. I don't pick the dancers. I'm a paid hand here. I get a pay cheque every week, it's not my job, I don't have the power," Osbourne told Cowell and now her job is to only judge, after losing all of her acts on the X Factor. At the end, Sharon Osborne was the only one who voted against the girl-group Hope and the rest of the judges voted for Alisha to be eliminated.

 A big shift in the X Factor betting odds, especially for Hope, who were listed as one of the favorites a couple of weeks ago with odds 5.1 on winning X Factor, but now are the absolute underdog with odds 14/1 at Bet 365. Rhydian Roberts remains the favorite, odds shortened from 6/4 to 1/2 and he continues to get heavy betting action. Here is the full list of odds to win the X Factor outright, offered by Bet 365:
Rhydian Roberts 1/2
Niki Evans 9/2
Same Difference 15/2
Leon Jackson 12/1
Beverley Trottman 12/1
Hope 14/1

 Published on 11/18/2007

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