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Ron Paul: Odds slashed drastically

Due to heavy action, the odds on Ron Paul of becoming the next U.S. President have been shortened to 6/1.

Ron Paul: Odds slashed drastically As predicted in our Republican presidential debate review earlier this week (see links below), the odds on the GOP candidates are showing some movement. And the biggest winner so far turns out to be Dr. Ron Paul with odds on winning the 2008 Elections drastically slashed even before the CNN/YouTube debate had even started yet. Ron Paul was listed with odds on becoming the next President at 18/1 at the online betting company Bodog Sports, but now Paul could be found among the top dogs with odds cut down to the astonishing 6/1. Heavy betting action by Ron Paul supporters and the recent attention by the media he's been enjoying are to blame for the odds-shocker.

 Ron Paul's odds to be named as the Republican candidate for the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election have also been slashed down to 5/2 at Bodog, making him the second in the race by odds, following Rudy Giuliani with odds 20/21. Shady sports betting outfits have given Ron Paul short odds for quite some time, in order to gain popularity among the thousands of Internet-savvy Ron Paul supporters, but now a legible bookmaker such as Bodog Sports is cutting the odds, which means one thing - Ron Paul fans are betting and they are betting heavy. Considering that the maximum wager on "exotic" odds is usually $50, the 6/1 offered now on Ron Paul (down from 18/1) is a clear indication of the enormous number of bets placed on the GOP candidate. Although betting odds move not on the actual chances of an event to happen, but on how many people bet on that event to happen (or not), cutting down the odds does mean that more people are placing bets on Ron Paul than they did before, i.e. Ron Paul is getting more popular among the political bettors.

 Published on 11/28/2007

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