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Ron Paul Tea Party 2007: Contributions betting odds released

The odds on the Dec. 16th Ron Paul Tea Party 2007 have been published by the online odds makers.

Ron Paul Tea Party 2007: Contributions betting odds released Those who have kept with the Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul are already well aware about the upcoming "Ron Paul Tea Party 2007", but for those of you who just tune in - another massive money-raising campaign has been planed by the Ron Paul supporters with a goal in mind of reaching $10 million in donations on December 16th. The date corresponds with the famous 1773 Boston Tea Party and in 2007 Ron Paul supporters will be urged to donate as a form to "protest the oppressive and unconstitutional inflation tax". It will be a one-day event aiming to beat the previous "Ron Paul money bomb" by a large margin.

 Could it happen? Well, the online odds maker Bodog Sports say yes, and it backs it up with odds of -900. If the Ron Paul supporters fail to match the previous $4.3 million record, the bookie will payout on odds of +500 (i.e. 500 for every 100 bet). But the odds makers don't feel confident that Ron Paul will hit the $10 million mark at the 2007 Ron Paul Tea Party, on the betting prop will the Ron Paul Tea Party 2007 meet its goal of raising $10 million or more in donations, failure to do so is currently favored with odds -400 and "yes" pays underdog odds of +250. The bookie is even more skeptical of the Ron Paul Tea Party 2007 receiving more than 100,000 pledges by the end of December 16th - odds on getting the 100K pledges are sitting at +500 and the odds on not getting them at -900. At press time the total number of Ron Paul Tea Party 2007 pledges were 22,855. At least the Ron Paul supporters are getting a little break - Bodog is confident that Ron Paul will be able to reach his goal of $12 million in contributions by the end of the year with the whopping odds of -1750, otherwise the odds are +650. At press time the total Ron Paul contributions were posted at $10,409,799.98 at his official website.

 Published on 12/01/2007

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