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X Factor: Hope voted off after viewers results

The girl group Hope, mentored by Simon Cowell, were voted off the "X Factor" last night after the viewers results came in.

X Factor: Hope voted off after viewers results And now we are down to only four competitors on the popular British TV show "X Factor", after last night the girl group "Hope" was eliminated and will miss the semi-finals. After finding themselves in the bottom two up for elimination three times in a row and each time managed to avoid getting voted off thanks to the judges, last night's "X Factor" results for the first time ever relied only on the viewers votes and the five girls were sent home. The judges have supported Hope in the past, but after they reached deadlock last week, their elimination from X Factor was eminent.

 The five girls formed "Hope" (Raquelle Gracie, 20, Phoebe Brown, 16, Charlie Mole, 23, Emily Biggs, 17, and Leah Lauder, 20), after being rejected as solo singers during the auditions for the X Factor and vowed to continue singing as a group, despite getting voted off the talent show last night and missing on the £1 million recording contract. "We are just five normal girls who took a chance to go into this competition and we've come out as a strong bonded girl group and we are not letting go of that...We are the only five-piece who has ever made it to the final five so we are so happy. And there's a future for us. We're Hope now, and we're not splitting up, we're going to stay that way," said Raquelle Gracie last night after the X Factor results were in and the group got the boot.

 Now with Hope gone, Simon Cowell has only one act left in the X Factor - Same Difference, who are underdog with odds on winning the "X Factor" sitting at 9/1 at the British online bookmaker Bet 365. Rhydian Roberts remains favorite to win X Factor with odds 2/5, followed by Leon Jackson with odds 9/2 and Niki Evans is listed with odds 15/2.

 Published on 12/02/2007

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