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"Ron Paul Blimp" scheduled to take off on Dec. 10th

The Ron Paul Blimp will take off and $200,000 closer to satying off, reports Liberty Political Advertising.

"Ron Paul Blimp" scheduled to take off on Dec. 10th Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul is flying and he is flying high - the famous "Ron Paul Blimp" will take off and is short of $150,000 from keeping it in the air, according to Liberty Political Advertising, the company organizing the event. The launch is scheduled for December 10th from Elizabeth City, NC and the "Ron Paul Blimp" will fly into Boston, MA by December 15th. The blimp is sponsored by donations and advertising space, $1000 for example will buy your ad 108 minutes of "air time". Below you can watch the video of the "Ron Paul Blimp" in preparation for take-off on Monday.

 Meanwhile Ron Paul is shocking not only the political observers, but the odds makers as well. The odds on Ron Paul to become the next U.S. President were recently slashed at Bodog Sports from 18/1 to 6/1. Odds on Ron Paul's Tea Party are also available, see the links below. Meanwhile, take a look at the Ron Paul Blimp:



 Published on 12/07/2007

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