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Ron Paul Tea Party: Money Bomb closing in on $4.5 million tonight

The 2007 Ron Paul Tea Party is turning to yet another successful "money bomb" by the GOP presidential candidate, numbers closing in on $4.5 million.

Ron Paul Tea Party: Money Bomb closing in on $4.5 million tonight It's not just politics anymore, as odds makers are shacking in their boots, while the Ron Paul Tea Party today as of 7:00 pm EST is closing in on $4.5 million in single-day contributions to the Republican presidential candidate.  Even though it seems highly unlikely that the Ron Paul Tea Party will hit the $10 million mark (a bet which would have paid 250 on every 100 bet at the online bookmaker Bodog Sports), the previous money bomb result of $4.3 million has now been surpassed. The betting prop of whether Ron Paul and the 2007 Tea Party will be able to collect more than $4.3 million in contribution was a favorite and listed with odds -900, which means that the bookmaker will pay 10 for every 90 bet.

 Congressman Ron Paul was recently this week on the CNBC Mad Money with host Jim Cramer to discuss his position on the current U.S. monetary system and the (pros and) cons of the Fed in particular, and obviously his message is getting through. Total 4th quarter contributions to his campaign have just reached $16 million, as posted on his official website tonight at 7:15 pm EST (see snapshot). Ron Paul also remains one of the leaders among the Republicans for the party nomination by betting odds at Bodog Sports, listed with odds 6/1, behind only Giuliani.

 Published on 12/16/2007

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