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Ron Paul: Messing up everyone's politics

The Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul is taking unconventional approaches to campaigning, odds makers baffled.

Ron Paul: Messing up everyone's politics Much have been said and written about the GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul, despite what the main-stream media will lead you to believe. And we at have covered his presidential campaign rather scarcely, due to the fact that we cover the 2008 Elections betting odds and since the very beginning, Ron Paul had odds on winning the Elections closer to Stephen Colbert than Rudy Giuliani. But things have changed and now Ron Paul is listed with odds on winning the Republican nomination at 5/2, trailing only to Rudy Giuliani and 6/1 to become the next U.S. President at the online sportsbook Bodog Sports.

 His approach is rather unconventional, considering the fact that (at least publicly) Ron Paul is doing nothing. All of his "weird campaign stuns", such as the Ron Paul Tea Party or the Blimp, have all been initiated and organized by his supporters, making him a very dangerous candidate to his contenders, both on the GOP and Democratic lists. Such grass-root support is making the odds makers quite worried, adding the huge number of bets placed on Dr. Paul at Bodog Sports, the odds had to be slashed "just in case". They should, considering the money pouring from those "stunts"...

 The latest Ron Paul target - taking advantage of the removal of the "winner-take-all" system in California, Georgia, Florida, Alabama and Tennessee. Ron Paul supporters are now organizing an attack on the blue California voters in attempt to sway away a few delegates for the GOP candidate - three primary delegates for every congressional district a candidate wins. As one of the Ron Paul supporters was quoted recently by Fox "Our primary purpose is to help Ron Paul to get delegate votes in the primary. That’s what we’re all about here in San Francisco." Meanwhile Ron Paul supporters are working hard in Georgia, namely the Metro Atlanta area, with the same goal in mind. Supporters of the Republican presidential candidate are getting organized in the rest of the states without "winner-take-all" system.

 A little bird told us that further shortening of the Ron Paul's odds "is quite possible"...and of course, it's "just in case".

 Published on 12/26/2007

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