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2007/2008 NFL playoff schedule: AFC and NFC teams

Who is going to the NFL playoffs this season - all six AFC and NFC teams are now official, as well as the playoff schedule in 2008.

2007/2008 NFL playoff schedule: AFC and NFC teams Tonight it was all put on the table, the winner takes it all. The five playoff spots in each conference were known before the Sunday's games, but in the AFC the Titans and the Browns fought for the last playoff wildcard and in the NFC the sixth seed had to be determined between the Redskins and the Vikings. At the end, here are the NFL teams going to the playoffs this season:

AFC Seeding

1. New England Patriots - with home-field advantage throughout the playoffs.
2. Indianapolis Colts - with a first-round bye.
3. San Diego Chargers
4. Pittsburgh Steelers
5. Jacksonville Jaguars
6. Tennessee Titans

AFC Playoff Schedule:

The Patriots and the Colts have their first round byes;
January 5th - Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Pittsburgh Steelers
January 6th - Tennessee Titans vs. San Diego Chargers
January 12-13 - San Diego, Pittsburgh or Jacksonville at Indianapolis and Pittsburgh, Jacksonville or Tennessee at New England

NFC Seeding

1. Dallas Cowboys - with home field advantage in the playoffs.
2. Green Bay Packers - with a first-round bye.
3. Seattle Seahawks
4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
5. New York Giants
6. Washington Redskins

NFC Playoff Schedule:

Dallas Cowboys and the Green Bay Packers have their first round byes;
January 5th - Washington Redskins vs. Seattle Seahawks
January 6th - New York Giants  vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
January 12-13 - Tampa Bay or New York or Washington at Dallas and Seattle, Tampa Bay or New York at Green Bay.

 Published on 12/31/2007

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