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Britney Spears hospitalized after standoff with the cops

Britney Spears has been taken to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation after a "standoff" with the cops.

Britney Spears hospitalized after standoff with the cops This cannot get any juicer and yet, no one seems to be surprised with the latest development in the Britney Spears - Kevin Federline custody battle. According to the latest reports, Britney Spears was hospitalized after four-hour long standoff with the cops for refusing to hand over her two sons to ex K-Fed. Here is the official statement by the LAPD: "Around 8 p.m. on Thursday, January 3rd, police were called to Spears' home in Studio City, California, about a custodial dispute regarding Britney Spears's children. While officers were on the scene, they observed Ms. Spears under the influence of an unknown substance. She is now being taken in for an evaluation, more than likely to a hospital. There were no reported injuries to anyone involved including the children."

 Reports tell that Britney Spears was scheduled to hand over the kids to Kevin Federline, who has temporary custody of their two sons, but she refused, which led to the cops, fire department and ambulances to show up in front of her home. She finally gave up and was strapped to a gurney and taken to a hospital for evaluation. TMZ claims that Jayden James, Britney's youngest son, was also hospitalized, but this report has not been confirmed yet.

 Published on 01/04/2008

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