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Did you play the State of the union drinking game?

The "State of the Union Drinking Game" is the most profound example of how lame the duck is.

Did you play the State of the union drinking game? Did you play "State of the Union Drinking Game" during President Bush's speech? If you are reading this on Tuesday with a hangover - Yeah, Dude! For those who are just tuning in - you just missed the last chance to play the drinking game during the last Sate of the Union address by the current U.S. President George W. Bush. As posted on the unofficial website of the "State of the Union Drinking Game" - "the general rules of this game are no different from any other drinking game. A drink is either a shot or a good gulp from a beer (or cider). Different events call for different numbers of drinks and all you do is watch the speech and play along. If all goes well, you'll be unconscious by the time they show the other party's response."

 The best words to watch out for were "God" (drink twice), "elections" (twice for U.S., one sip for other), and, of course, "edumacation" - 3 drinks. Visit for the complete rules of the State of the Union Drinking Game. If you missed, own a TiVo and your toddler somehow taped the Bush address - it's allowed to re-schedule for Friday night.

 Published on 01/28/2008

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