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Florida primary results: McCain and Clinton projected elections winners

According to CNN, Republican presidential candidate John McCain and Democrat Hillary Clinton are the projected winners of the Florida primaries voting.

Florida primary results: McCain and Clinton projected elections winners With 80% of the Florida precincts reporting their results of the primaries at press time, CNN has projected that John McCain has won the Florida Republican primary and Hillary Clinton is the winner of the Democratic primary in the Sunshine State. Since Florida lost all of its 210 Democratic delegates for allocating delegates outside of the Democratic National Committee-approved timeframe (i.e. moving the primary voting date), we will briefly touch on the Dems - Hillary Clinton got 50% of the votes, Barack Obama came second with 33% of the votes and John Edwards was third with 14%.

 Now to the Republicans, where 57 delegates will go to the winner - John McCain. The GOP delegates were also cut, but only in half, originally the state offered 114, but Florida lost 57 of its 114 Republican delegates for allocating delegates outside of the Republican National Committee-approved timeframe. Major win for the Republican presidential hopeful John McCain, who once underdog, is now becoming the leading choice of the Republicans. And also the first blow to the odds makers, at the online sportsbook Bodog Sports, the odds on John McCain to win the Florida GOP primary were small 1/1, but behind the favorite Mitt Romney. But Romney failed to deliver in Florida and with 80% of the state's precincts reporting results, he got only 31% of the votes.

 The results of the Florida primary dealt a major blow to former New York City major Rudi Giuliani, once-favorite to win the Republican nomination. Giuliani managed to get only 15% of the party members' votes, an awful result, after spending much f his time campaigning in Florida. Rumors circulated in the media before the Florida primaries, that Giuliani plans to drop from the race if he loses the state and it will be interesting to see his reaction to the Tuesday's loss. Keep in mind that 3rd place in Florida was Rudi Giuliani's best performance so far in the Republican primaries and caucuses - leaving him and everyone else no reason to believe he could compete for the Presdiency. Mike Huckabee came close fourth with 14% of the votes and Ron Paul got only 3%.

 Published on 01/29/2008

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