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Arnold Schwarzenegger to endorse John McCain

Yet another major endorsement for once-underdog Republican presidential hopeful John McCain, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will officially endorse on Thursday.

Arnold Schwarzenegger to endorse John McCain California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will endorse Arizona senator John McCain for the GOP presidential nomination Thursday morning in Los Angeles, was confirmed tonight by his his senior aides. John McCain is already running ahead of competition in the state and the endorsement adds a major blow to GOP rival Mitt Romney, with California accounting for 130 delegates. Meanwhile Schwarzenegger's endorsement provides a much needed final boost to the McCain campaign, which spent almost no time working in the state, due to the financial shortcoming at the beginning of the race. Arnold Schwarzenegger is expected to officially endorse John McCain on Thursday.

 Presidential betting odds at the major online sportsbooks were quick to reflect the Florida victory onto McCain's odds and he is now the ultimate favorite to win the Republican nomination. At the online sportsbook Bodog Sports, the odds on John McCain were slashed all the way down to 1/5, meaning you have to risk 5 to win just 1. Mitt Romney is down to odds 5/4, followed by Mike Huckabee, who after a great start and holding top spot for a while, is now the Republican underdog with odds 10/1. John McCain is also the favorite to win the majority of the votes on Super Tuesday with odds 2/11.

 Published on 01/30/2008

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