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Super Tuesday: Odds makers torn on GOP and Democrats winner

Tomorrow is "Super Tuesday" and odds makers all over the world find it hard to find balance for the possible outcome.

Super Tuesday: Odds makers torn on GOP and Democrats winner Tomorrow is "Super Tuesday" and we will take a look at some of the odds on the Republican and Democratic presidential candidates before the big day. But first, for those who are asking what is Super Tuesday and why so important? "Super Tuesday" is when the greatest number of states hold primary elections to select delegates to national conventions, where the parties will officially nominate their candidate for the presidency. More delegates can be won on Super Tuesday than on any other single day of the primary calendar, hence the importance of the day.

 Above is a map of the states holding caucuses or primaries on Super Tuesday from Wikipedia, here is the explanation:  "Blue denotes Democratic-only caucuses (3), Red denotes Republican-only state conventions (2), and Purple represents states holding primaries or caucuses for both parties (19). Light red represents states that have had their Republican primary before Super Tuesday and Light Purple represents states that have had their Democratic & Republican primary before Super Tuesday. (No states have had only Democratic primaries before Super Tuesday)." To read more about Super Tuesday, click here to visit the Wiki page.

 Now back to business. The odds makers so far have been almost 100% accurate and unanimous when predicting the winner of the past primaries and caucuses, but comes Super Tuesday and they fail to agree. Starting with the Democrats, Hillary Clinton is listed as the favorite Democratic candidate to win the majority of primaries on Super Tuesday at the online odds maker Bodog Sports, with odds -130. Barack Obama is the Dems underdog with odds to win the majority of the Super Tuesday primaries and caucuses at -110. A surprising twist, considering that most of the polls show that Barack Obama will be the Democratic winner of Super Tuesday, but then again, considering the Super Bowl, the bookies can get it wrong, only to benefit the bettor. At the GOP, John McCain is the undisputable favorite to come out a winner on Super Tuesday, listed with odds 1/20 at Bodog, which means that you have to risk 20 to win just 1. Mitt Romney comes a distant second with odds 2/1 and Mike Huckabee is third with odds 25/1.

 Looking at the big picture, Hillary Clinton remains the favorite to win the Democratic presidential nomination with odds 1/3 at Bodog Sports and at Bookmaker Clinton's odds on winning the nomination are -180. Barack Obama holds odds of 11/10 at Bodog and the line +115 at Bookmaker. If the odds makers are correct in their predictions, the Republican presidential candidate will be John McCain, who has odds 1/9 at Bodog, where Mitt Romney is listed at 3/1 and Mike Huckabee offers the best payout with odds 10/1.

 Odds on who will win the 2008 Presidential Election at Bodog Sports find John McCain now the favorite to win the 2008 Elections, followed by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama tied for the next spot, both Democrats listed with odds 2/1 to become the next President of the United States. Republican Mitt Romney holds odds 7/2 and Mike Huckabee is paying out on 15/1. An amazing comeback for John McCain, who started the race with underdog odds to win and now he is the favorite candidate. The odds are slightly different at Bookmaker, where Hillary Clinton remains the favorite to win the Elections with odds -130, followed by John McCain at +160 and Barack Obama is sitting with line +210, the best value, if you trust the polls.

 Published on 02/04/2008

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