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Kimbo vs. Tank Fight: Slice heavy favorite tonight

Kimbo Slice is now listed as the undisputed favorite to win the Elite XC MMA fight tonight.

Kimbo vs. Tank Fight: Slice heavy favorite tonight You can call the Kimbo vs. Tank fight whatever you want, but one thing is for sure - bettors are taking this bout at heart and the wagering on the Kimbo Slice vs. Tank Abbott are reaching unexpected proportion. And the fact the Kimbo Slice was listed today as the ultimate favorite to win the fight only helped grease the wheels. The odds on Kimbo Slice to win the fight are currently sitting at -450 at the online sportsbook BodogLife and Abbott, despite his experience in the MMA field is the underdog, entering the tonight's fight with odds +300. Naturally, many people are taking the +300 odds on Abbott, but equal amount of bettors are flocking towards Kimbo, in complete disregard of the low odds.

 Even though Abbott is holding negative record 9-13, our pick is Tank, who could bring 300 for every 100 risked. Meanwhile with Kimbo Slice you have to bet 450 to win just 100. With the simple mathematics, Tank Abbott remains the best bet on the Kimbo vs. Tank fight.

 Published on 02/16/2008

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