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American Idol Results: Who got voted off tonight

Two male and two female contestants were voted off the American Idol tonight.

American Idol Results: Who got voted off tonight Tonight was the time four more contestants on the popular TV reality competition "American Idol" to go home. First to get voted off the show were the boys and after the male results came in, Jason Yeager was the first of the four to be eliminated from the American Idol. His performance on Tuesday was undoubtedly the weakest one and his elimination comes as no surprise. The British bookmaker Bet365 (no USA customers allowed) had Jason Yeager as one of the top two male American Idol contestant most likely to get voted off tonight (odds were 6/5) and the bookie gets the first elimination right on.

 Next it was time for one of the girls to be sent home. Yet another score for the odds makers, the next to be voted off American Idol was Alexandrea Lushington. She also did a sub-par performance yesterday and no shocker here either, the odds on her to be eliminated were favorite 4/6, making the odds makers 2 for 2.

 Next to be voted off American Idol was Alaina Whitaker. This may come as a shock to some, but she was also among the top two favorite girls to be eliminated from the competition. The British bookmaker had the odds on Alaina Whitaker two get the boot tonight at 4/5. And the fourth and final American Idol contender eliminated tonight was Robbie Carrico. A bit shocking, considering his odds were quite long, but congratulations to Chikezie Eze, who was listed as the most likely male American Idol contestant to be voted off on Thursday. Here you have the results folks - the four American Idol contestants eliminated tonight were: Jason Yeager, Alexandrea Lushington, Alaina Whitake and Robbie Carrico. The odds makers went 3 out of 4 tonight, congratulations to all winners.

 Published on 02/28/2008

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