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American Idol Results: Four more voted off tonight

American Idol Results: Four more voted off tonight Finally the results of tonight's American Idol elimination episode are in, here is the list of contestants who were voted off on Thursday night. The first female contestant voted off American Idol tonight is hardly a surprise to anyone - Kady Malloy. She was told last Thursday that only luck saved her from elimination, but tonight even luck wasn't enough and Kady Malloy was the first American Idol contestant to go home after the results were in. Then it was the boys turn and despite a full week of drama, David Hernandez was declared safe, as well as the American Idol favorite David Archuleta. The first male contestants to get voted off American Idol tonight was - Luke Menard. He was THE underdog before the results show, listed with the whopping odds of 175/1 at the online sportsbook BodogLife to win the 7th season of the American Idol.

 After the commercial segment, the American Idol result show was back on track and it was time for another female contestant to go home. Unfortunately for many, it was Asia'H Epperson, who did quite well on Wednesday and her odds were upgraded to 25/1, before the results came in on Thursday night. The fourth and final contestant to get voted off American Idol tonight was the one with second worst odds - Danny Noriega. He was 55/1 at Bodog and the bookie got yet another male contestant right.

 Again, the people eliminated tonight from American Idol were: Kady Malloy, Luke Menard, Asia'H Epperson and  Danny Noriega. And following the 4 eliminated tonight, we are finally down to the final dozen. The favorite to win American Idol is still David Archuleta with odds 8/11 at BodogLife, followed by Carly Smithson with odds 6/1. At the opposite spectrum are the underdogs Chikezie Eze at 90/1 and Amanda Overmyer at 80/1.

 Published on 03/06/2008

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