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American Idol Results: Down to 10 after Overmyer voted off Wednesday

American Idol Results: Down to 10 after Overmyer voted off Wednesday Rocker Amanda Overmyer was voted off the "American Idol" last night during the results show, cutting the number of contestants down to 10. During a second consecutive week of Beatles-themed singing, Amanda Overmyer performed "Back in the USSR", but it wasn't good enough to keep the 23-year-old American Idol contestant in the game. During the elimination round the bottom three spots were occupied by Kristy Lee Cook, Carly Smithson and Overmyer, with Amanda coming last ad getting eliminated from American Idol. It was hardly an upset that she got voted off American Idol - at the online odds maker BodogLife Amanda Overmyer was listed with odds to win the show at distant 30/1. Kristy Lee Cook was the underdog, listed with odds 60/1 before the Wednesday elimination show, but Carly Smithson's position last night was a shocker - being one of the favorite with odds 7/2, Smithson is someone to consider dumping from your betting sheets.

 "It's been a run. Number 11 out of all them people was more than I could ever expect," Amanda Overmyer said after the American Idol results were announced. It's also worth noting that American Idol is back on track with almost 30 million viewers and its ratings are expected to go even higher as the top 10 prepare to battle of for American Idol victory. David Archuleta remains the favorite to win American Idol with odds 3/2 and after the last night's American Idol results, Kristy Lee Cook is the most likely contestant to be eliminated next.

 Published on 03/20/2008

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