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American Idol Results: Jason Castro voted off last night

American Idol Results: Jason Castro voted off last night Absolutely no surprises last night on American Idol, Jason Castro was voted off the show. The American Idol final four results show got much needed boost, with over 51 million votes cast for the elimination round and while the top three American Idol finalists were about one million votes apart from each other, Jason Castro was far behind. David Archuleta and David Cook were the first two contestants told they are safe and when it went down to Jason Castro and Syesha Mercado, we already knew who was going to be eliminated from the Idol. "America has voted and decided that Syesha, you’re in the top three. That means Jason Castro leaves us tonight on American Idol," were the words of host Ryan Seacrest announcing Castro was voted off and we are down to the final three - David Cook, David Archuleta and Syesha Mercado.

 The odds makers at the online sportsbook BodogSport, which offers entertainment betting odds on the American Idol, as well as various other "unusual" betting events, were right once again, naming Jason Castro the underdog. It's no-brainer that Syesha Mercado would be the next to get voted off American Idol, although shocker is possible. Mercado is now the underdog to win the Idol with odds 20/1, while David Cook is the favorite with odds 2/3. Archuleta is listed with 7/5 odds to win the American Idol with the bookie.

 Published on 05/07/2008

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