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Friday the 13th: Bookmaker posts odds on what would happen

 In ten days it will be Friday the 13th, and people are taking notice. To many, Friday the 13th is a day to fear, or at least be wary, and strangely, there is evidence to suggest that Friday the 13th is actually unlucky due to heightened anxiety levels amongst the public. Such anxiety has prompted speculation and distress surrounding this coming Friday, and the largest, most successful online sportsbook, BetUS posted predictions regarding lucky and unlucky events for the day.

With public angst over the date rising, and speculation spiraling out of control as to what will happen on the unsavory date, the largest most successful sportsbook on the web, BetUS\ and the same site which posted odds on whether the world would end on 6-6-2006 a couple of years ago, posted odds as to likely events on this coming Friday, June 13th. People are flooding the site to wager on what may or may not happen as a result of the unlucky day.

"Historically, we've seen there's a good reason to pay attention to Friday the 13th," stated BetUS Spokesman Reed Richards. "Whether you believe in the superstitions, or not, many people agree the strangest things are bound to happen on that day and we've seen a flood of interest in this prop."

Analysts at BetUS posted the following odds for Friday, October 13th:

Which of the following will occur?

The World to End: 1,000,000/1

You lose your job 100/1

You get divorced 250/1

You go bankrupt 500/1

Your flight is delayed 1/1

Airline loses your luggage 50/1

It rains outside

NY 2/1

Boston 4/1

LA 25/1

Miami 6/4

You get a flat tire 500/1

You lose your license 500/1

You get mugged 500/1

The stock market crashes 5/1

A taxi splashes a puddle on you 1000/1

A bird goes to the bathroom on your head 5000/1

You get locked out of your apartment 500/1

You break a window 500/1

You break a mirror 750/1

A black cat crosses your path 1000/1

You walk under a ladder 2500/1

Your spouse leaves you: 500/1

You throw out your back: 250/1

You get a flat tire: 50/1

You break your leg: 100/1

You will get sick: 50/1

You will get locked out of your house/apt: 50/1

Your car will get towed: 100/1

You will get a ticket (speeding, parking, etc.): 50/1

You will lose all your hair: 250/1

Your car will get stolen: 100/1

You will place a winning bet at 1/1 EVEN ODDS

You will hit a Royal Flush at poker site: 250/1

You will find money: 50/1

You will slip on banana peel: 100/1

You will win the lottery: 500/1

Submitted to OGPaper via wire.

 Published on 06/04/2008

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