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Lily Allen drunk at Glamour award ceremony, carried out

Lily Allen drunk at Glamour award ceremony, carried out Pop star Lily Allen went on stage drunk to collect her award at the the Glamour magazine Women of the Year awards, later had to be carried out by a bouncer. The scandalous pop star first made the gossip at the award ceremony after showing up with pink-dyed hair and wearing a dress with images of a blood-soaked Bambi. As usual, the 23-year-old Lily Allen managed to top it all off - appearing on stage drunk to collect her Editor’s Special Award and even admitting to have had a few too many at the free bar. "If I'd known I was going to win something I wouldn't have worn a decapitated Bambi dress," Allen added during her acceptance speech. "I’m putting my hands up, I got very drunk last night, too drunk. It’s not cool, I feel awful and I have to thank my little brother Alf for getting me home safely. Kids, drink responsibly or you’ll end up looking like this, not pretty! Was quite fun though, from what I can remember," Lily Allen later wrote on her blog. The scandalous pop star is head to head with Amy Winehouse when it comes time for the odds makers to predict which celebrity would be the next to get arrested or get caught driving drunk.

 Published on 06/04/2008

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