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Barack Obama favorite over John McCain to win the Elections

Barack Obama favorite over John McCain to win the Elections Political betting odds have been popular in the U.K. for years, but only recently the Americans have taken interest in this "new" form of predictions. And the current presidential race is the poster child of political betting in America - folks have been seeking out the odds on the presidential hopeful since the start of the primaries. And now that we known who the party candidates are, it's time for the real action - the odds on who will be the next president, Barack Obama or John McCain? To get the latest scoop on the odds to become the next U.S. President, we visited the online sportsbook BodogSports (see here), only to find out that Barack Obama is a big favorite to win the November Elections.

 Usually when it's down to a two-horse race, the odds are pretty close, but in this case Obama has a significant lead over his Republican contender. The odds makers have Barack Obama -180 to be the next President and John McCain is trailing behind with odds +140. For those of you who don't follow betting, -180 odds means the bettor has to risk 180 to win just 100, while +140 means the bettor would risk 100 to win 140. The lead Obama has with the bookies (i.e. those who put their money where their mouths are) is obviously quite big, but don't forget Hillary Clinton was the ultimate favorite to secure the Democratic nomination at the very beginning. So here you have it folks - all the drama surrounding Barack Obama lately has done nothing to shake the confidence of the bookmakers and he remains the favorite to win the Presidency late this year.

 Published on 06/10/2008

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