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Big Brother: Sylvia and Mohamed up for eviction, two in jail

Big Brother: Sylvia and Mohamed up for eviction, two in jail The Big Brother 9 is in full swing with Sylvia Barrie and Mohamed Mohamed facing eviction on Friday. The unfortunate pair obviously got on the nerves of the housemates and they had no problem nominating Sylvia and Mohamed for the second eviction, which will be decided by the public vote on Friday night. According to Rex: "It's Dennis, Jen and Dale. That's the three that don't like us," he told Mohamed after the eviction nominations on Monday. Sylvia and her boyfriend saga did not impress neither the Big Brother housemates nor the bookmakers. The British bookie Paddy Power has Sylvia Barrie as the top underdog to win Big Brother, listed with odds 150/1, although Mohamed seems comfortable with odds 25/1, which suggests that he may survive the second Big Brother 9 eviction. Following Sylvia, Dennis and Lisa hold worse odds, both at 100/1 to win the BB.

 The current season of Big Brother will be tougher on the rules and their enforcement, it became apparent. Not only Alexandra De Gale was kicked out of Big Brother for her constant housemates intimidation, but Jennifer Clark and Dennis McHugh were sent to Big Brother jail for an unknown period of time for breaking the rules. Seven contestants, including Sylvia Barrie, were caught gossiping about their Big Brother auditions, an act forbidden in the BB House. They were given a minute to decide which two contestants would take the punishment for breaking the rules - Jennifer Clark and Dennis McHugh volunteered and were sent to the Big Brother jail until further notice. "It's not hard to adhere to is it? It's not like you're declaring yourself under the Official Secrets Act. They're just saying 'keep your gob shut and use your common sense," Mario Marconi told Mikey Hughes, both unimpressed with the other housemates break of the rules. But the two jailbirds had some words for Hughes, as well. "I find Mikey unbearable. I can't stand him. I find everything that comes out of his mouth just repulsive," Jennifer said to Dennis while sitting in the jail. "Can you imagine watching that all summer? You'd be traumatized! I don't even want him in here," Dennis agreed. The show goes on and so does the betting on Big Brother - all odds courtesy of Paddy Power.

 Published on 06/24/2008

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