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Accident-prone Vince McMahon injured again during WWE Draft

Accident-prone Vince McMahon injured again during WWE Draft Last night, after the three-hour Raw draft special, Vince McMahon "suffered" a deja vu, when lighting equipment crashed onto the stage and a large electric sign toppled onto him at the AT&T Center. The WWE draft may not be the best place for Vince McMahon - during the last year's episode, his limousine busted into flames seconds after McMahon got into it, the beginning of "who blew up Vince McMahon" story. We will probably enjoy the "who pushed the sign onto Vince McMahon" this time around. Although not as clever as blowing up a limo, after the accident last night, Vince McMahon was taken away on a stretcher and details of the 2008 Vince McMahon Accident will be announced this afternoon during a press conference. After Vince McMahon gave away $500,000 last night, WWE announced on its Web site after the show, that the weekly money giveaways have been suspended for the foreseeable future, due to the accident. Stay tuned for the Vince McMahon injury details.

 Published on 06/24/2008

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