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Mobile phones and gambling

 Online casinos have taken over so much clientele from land based casinos. Now the new hot thing is mobile gambling. mobile gambling offers what online casinos offer but instead of using a PC to access the online casinos, they are made available on cellular phones. The revenue from mobile gambling has reached a $200 million profit margin. Mintel’s International reports that mobile gambling is increasing its revenue extraordinarily quickly in the United States of America. Until this point the US people were more interested in accessing online casinos games via their computer while many Europeans and Asians accessed online casinos from their mobile phone.

 Now this fad that has been so strong in Europe and Asia is hitting North America quite hard. mobile gambling has been said to be a billion dollar industry and when progressing in the US market as it is doing right now, it is said to really grow. Analysts have suggested that mobile gambling will bring in $3 billion for the year 2009 just from the US market alone. As of right now many people with mobile phones are still not able to access online casinos although they do use their phone for mobile gambling not in the form of gambling. The market has only newly opened where actual gambling and online casinos game playing will be done a lot through the actual mobile phone. Japan is already really into using mobile phones for online casinos but other countries are only just being introduced.

 The industry of accessing online casinos via mobile phones is one that is said to bring in a huge market not only in terms of customer generation but also in terms of the products that will be made to facilitate and develop online casinos via mobile phones. Just as the life of online casinos can be generally attributed to the many companies that invested in it like Playtech, Microgaming, just to name a few, so too will the life of mobile gambling be dependant on the companies that decide to invest in it right now.

 Erik Thoresen, research analyst for Mintel states that the real profit in this business comes from companies that produce gaming software, content and development systems. As cell phones are increasing in their capabilities and technologies, so too will the online casinos need to grow in order to match the mobile technology. Researchers have suggested that the online casinos that will be made available on mobile phones will be even more sophisticated and advanced then the online casinos available right now via computers. The market for accessing online casinos from mobile phones is predicted to be very big and successful as the whole idea of online gaming is for convenience and there is nothing more convenient then gaming from a cellular phone. The mobile gambling world will also be offering many good promotions and that will attract the already excited customers even more. Investors in this new fad are already growing and people are talking about mobile games.

 Published on 08/25/2008

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