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Michael Vick - no plea deal in dogfighting case yet

The latest report indicate that negotiations between Michael Vick and the prosecution continue.

Michael Vick - no plea deal in dogfighting case yet According to reports citing anonymous sources, Michael Vick and his legal team are still negotiating with the federal prosecutors, looking for a plea deal which would benefit both sides.

 Michael Vick, who stands accused of dogfighting conspiracy charges, pleaded not guilty last month in front of the judge. Already one of the co-defendants, Tony Tylor, changed his plea to guilty, and two more are scheduled to follow his steps on Friday. Taylor is pointing out Vick as the main financial backup of the dogfighting operation known under the name "Bad Newz Kennels" and the other two are likely to sing the same song tomorrow.

 And the pressure on the Atlanta Falcons quarterback to seek a plea bargain has been turned up a notch, after the prosecutors announced that there will be more indictments in the case.

 Meanwhile conflicting reports are appearing in the media literally every minute. The local Virginian-Pilot reported that the federal prosecutors have offered Michael Vick a deal which would send him to prison for at least one year, if he pleads guilty to the felony dogfighting conspiracy charges. Experts, however, claim that even though the rules allow a guilty plea in exchange for reduced sentence, Richmond federal court never uses this practice. The Atlanta Journal Constitution claims that Vick is waiting to hear back from the NFL on how a guilty plea would affect his future with the League.

 If Michael Vick is found guilty or pleads guilty to travel in interstate commerce in aid of unlawful activities and conspiring to sponsor a dog in an animal fighting venture a sentence would carry a maximum prison term of five years plus fines.

 NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell denied earlier reports by Yahoo Sports that a decision has been made and Michael Vick is suspended for the season. Currently Michael Vick's ban extends only to the Falcons training camp. But if the co-defendants in the case testify that Vick also bet on the illegal dogfights, this would result in a lifetime ban from the NFL under the league's policy against gambling.

 Michael Vick is scheduled to go to trial November 26th.

Published on 08/16/2007

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