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Online casinos better than real casinos?

 Perhaps one of the most asked gambling question is "are the online casinos better than the regular land-based casinos?" and we are here to finally answer this frequently asked one. In general and in our opinion, yes, the online casinos are much better than the real casinos and below you can ready why. Of course, not everyone will view this dilemma the same way - read the positive and the negative sides of each and make up your own mind. Whichever you decide to be the better casino, at least you would have made an informed decision. Here is why we think the online casinos are better than the real casinos.

 First, we will start with a feature specific to the online casinos - the free bonus money. Granted that the regular casinos, whether in Las Vegas or Michigan, will offer every now and then some form of free stuff - a meal, free room, free tickets, there is no such animal as the matchup online casino bonus off the Internet. Only the online casinos could offer $500 and up in free money for new players, i.e. double your bankroll just for trying the particular online casino. And it's true that the majority of the gamblers don't just play that slots to pass time - they want to win money. And what is sweeter than getting free money before you even begin gambling?!? Of course, the online casino bonuses don't stop with the new-player offers. All reputable online casinos will also offer reload bonuses, some as high as 300% of a deposit you make, free comps which you can convert to money whenever you want and some are not afraid to throw in some tangible prizes, as well. Such a myriad of free money is unheard of at the real casinos, while I personally know a player who won a $7,000+ jackpot with his $50 free bonus money at an online casino. When it comes to the bonus - the online casinos are definitely better than the real casinos.

 Convenience and lack of secondary cost to gambling at the online casinos is another clear plus for the online casinos, when compared to the real casinos. With the gas prices going up once again, who wants to spend $50-$100 just to go to the casino itself and that's if you live in a state that allows land-based casino gambling. Flying from South Carolina to Las Vegas will definitely cost you a pretty penny. Not to mention that you either will have to drive or fly, which results in wasted time behind the wheel/some snotty kid. And all this just to play a few hundred dollars at the slots or the blackjack table? Totally opposite to the convenience of the online casinos. In summary, with the online casinos you get free money just for depositing in your players account, while with the real casinos you spend money just to visit the casino. Which scenario is better? Of course convenience is not just getting to the casino. Playing at the online casinos is generally more convenient overall. You can play a few hands of blackjack, stop, go mow the lawn and come back and finish your session. And speaking of blackjack, online you don't have to worry about the jerk who stays on 16 and messes up the whole table. You can also smoke while gambling, drink as much as you want without looking for a designated driver (or God forbid, getting behind the wheel drunk), etc. The online casinos are just more convenient.

 Gambling addiction is a problem also tackled better at the online casinos, although most of the time indirectly. In my past I have spend well in excess of $10K at a real casino in a matter of hours without anyone from the staff expressing concern about a gambling problem. Meanwhile It's almost impossible to spend more than $5K at the online casinos. First, if you use a credit card and the online casino accepts it, it has a limit, usually $2,500 per day or $5,000 per week in deposits. Of course, this is done with the main focus being the security of the transactions - the online casino wants to make sure that those deposits will clear before giving you the chance to deposit again. And if you use an ewallet - those have limits on daily, weekly and monthly deposits you can make, which are sometimes as low as $250 per day. Again, the main concern here is the clearing of the transaction, but it works perfectly to give the player a cool-off period. And with the limited number of ewallets - once you exhaust your limit, you are done! It's not a casino-specific solution, thus you cannot just go to another online casino and deposit, you will have to wait, period. Clearly you would not be bale to lose as much money at the online casinos as you could at the regular casinos, which I think is a plus, rather than minus for the online casinos.

 Of course, there are a few quirks that need to be worked out with the online casinos. For example, gambling at an online casino is yet to be the social event it is at the real casinos. Here, the real casinos win a point, but for how long is yet to be seen. At the best poker sites players at the table can freely chat with the rest, discuss strategies or simply brag to others. With the current level of technology, soon we can see voice and video entering the online gambling world and the online casinos would be sure to cash in on this, as well. You also cannot make a vacation out of gambling at an online casino, while a trip to Vegas is still something to talk about. But for the average player, the few points the real casinos get for the social atmosphere are not enough to outweigh the many ways the online casinos are better than the real casinos. And soon that atmosphere could be at an online casino near you.

 Published on 05/30/2009

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