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Casinos the United States

 You don't have to gamble online - there are many states in the US which allow some form of legal gambling and casinos. It's not a coincidence that most of the online casinos which accept players from the United States, do not allow players from eleven states.

usa casino

 If you live in any of these states, or you are just a tourist looking for a good time at the casino, we have one of the biggest list of casinos in USA - currently on our list there are over 500 casinos in 28 states.

Please, note, that only land based casinos have been listed, we have not posted dog tracks, horse tracks, river boats and poker rooms.

 To find a casino in your desired state, just click on the name of it:

State Number of casinos in our database
Arizona 16
California 56
Colorado 28
Connecticut 2
Florida 7
Idaho 3
Illinois 7
Indiana 10
Iowa 10
Louisiana 16
Maine 2
Michigan 13
Minnesota 11
Mississippi 15
Missouri 8
Nevada -
New Jersey 8
New Mexico 12
New York 4
North Carolina 1
Oklahoma 55
Oregon 8
South Dakota 21
Texas 1
Wisconsin 12

 This is our up-to-date list, there may be other casinos in those states that we are unaware of and we have not listed. If so, please, feel free to contact us about them. Your input will be greatly appreciated by many people. For more information on casinos in USA click here. And don't forget to add your review of any casino you may have visited in the past - future customers base their choice on your reviews!

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