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UFC 102: Couture vs. Nogueira, Silva vs. Jardine UFC odds

UFC 102: Couture vs. Nogueira, Silva vs. Jardine UFC odds Finally another MMA roundup, the UFC 102 is tonight  at 10PM EST from Rose Garden Arena, OR and the top UFC 102 fight card is bound to attract not only the fans of the MMA, but plenty of bettors, as well. As usual we have waited until the day of the UFC bouts to check the latest (and best) odds on the UFC 102 fights tonight and have used two of the most popular online sportsbooks to see if there is any advantage to be had by choosing one over the other. For the UFC 102 odds we visited the sportsbooks Bookmaker and Bodog Sports, both popular names among the MMA bettors.

 Starting with the main UFC 102 event, the Randy Couture vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira fight, not much of a surprise here. At Bookmaker the odds are heavily on the side of Randy Couture, who is sitting on -200 odds to win his 26th UFC fight, for those new to sports betting, it means that people have to bet $200 on The Natural to win just $100. On the other side Nogueira is offering a good payout if he delivers an upset against Couture tonight, Minotauro is listed with +160 odds to win his UFC 102 fight at the bookie. Better payout is to be had at Bodog Sports if you bank on an upset by Antonio Nogueira. The Brazilian fighter is listed with +180 odds to win at Bodog, while Randy Couture is even bigger favorite at this online sportsbook, holding -220 odds to win his UFC fight this Saturday. Usually age and experience go hand in hand, but in this case keep in mind that Nogueira holds almost twice as many UFC victories than Randy Couture and an upset would pay out big.

 Keith Jardine Vs. Thiago Silva is another great match-up on the UFC 102 fight card tonight and here the betting odds are far from assuring a victory for the favorite fighter. At Bookmaker Keith Jardine is the odds-on favorite entering the fight arena tonight, but at -145, it's hardly a done deal. The 33-year-old Jardine will have to work hard against the much younger Thiago Silva who is a small underdog +115 at Bookmaker, very small underdog indeed. Both fighters are coming out of lost fights, the first on record for Silva and considering the odds on this UFC 102 fight - anything is possible. The odds makers at Bodog Sports have taken this a step further and have listed Thiago Silva with +110 odds, while Keith Jardine is holding -140 money line to win the UFC 102 bout.

 To see the full list of fights and betting odds on the UFC 102 line-up, visit either Bodog Sports or Bookmaker. Do the same in order to place a bet on the fight card. Our recommendation is to choose Bookmaker if you want to go with the favorite and Bodog Sports if the underdog of the UFC 102 is more to your liking.

 Published on 08/29/2009

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