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Basic Blackjack Strategies

 Blackjack is often known as an easy and fun casino game that almost anyone can learn to play. As long as you can count to 21 and add a few numbers, then all you need is a dealer. Although the other players are at your side, you are not playing against them, and in fact each player is going individually against the dealer.

Basic blackjack strategy is not very hard to learn, and after reading only one good blackjack book for a few hours most players can learn to master basic strategies for blackjack. The “Basic Strategy” for blackjack consists of the best ways to hit, stand, double down and split.

Some blackjack players make the big mistake of stopping once they have mastered basic strategy, and are still in a place where they are only breaking even. Until you become a profit turner, there is always more blackjack strategies to follow.

First of all, players who are looking down on their luck should do is look into blackjack betting strategies. Sometimes people have the habit of “flat betting,” which is making the same bet every hand, other times they are increasing the size of their bets as they win, and then reduce them as they go down. While there is nothing wrong with either of these blackjack strategies, neither of them are based on facts, only instincts.

People who use more advanced blackjack strategies, like blackjack card counting, tend to vary the size of their bets based on the “count.” If a player is using blackjack card counting, and the count is looking in his/her favor, then they will increase the size of their bets. On the other hand, if a player's count is favoring the house, then the player will bet less, this can help insure that even on a bad night a player won't loose much, and on a good night they will win a lot!

However sometimes blackjack card counters leave this strategy, and switch to what some people call the “two-wins” blackjack strategy. With this system it leaves the person free from counting cards, and instead of spending all their energy counting, they just have to win two hands in a row.

If a player uses a smaller blackjack betting unit like 5, 10 or 25 dollars, it's easy to figure out how the method works.

With a $5 betting unit for an example, a player should start out with a $50 bank roll, giving the player ten bets. The player starts by placing a bet of $5, if they lose it's another $5, if the player wins the first hand they bet $5 for the next. It is important to place that next 5 in the betting spot with the $10 waiting for you from the previous wins.

This means that your second hand should have a bet of $15, and if you win that hand pull everything back ($30), and start all over again with the 5.

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