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Progressive Jackpots

 How does the progressive jackpot accumulates? It's very simple indeed. Every online casino has a few games which have a progressive jackpots - slots, poker and video poker are usually the games with progressive jackpots.

 All the casinos from a specific online casino software manufacturer have the same progressive games with the same progressive jackpot, i.e. the jackpot size is the same for each of the online casinos from that specific software vendor. Every time someone wagers at a progressive jackpot game (no matter at which online casino), the casino takes a small percentage of the bet (usually 3% to 7% of the bet) and adds it to the jackpot, which is hosted, calculated and paid by the casino manufacturer, and not the online casinos themselves. And thus possible to have progressive jackpots over $1,000,000. For example, here are some progressive jackpots by PlayTech (to try your luck winning it, click on the jackpot picture). We have removed the online jackpots temporarily while compiling a full list of the current progressive jackpots. Meanwhile, for more progressive jackpots information we recommend stopping by Jackpot Finder. And remember, stop by soon to see our list of online jackpots.

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