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 Blackjack is the most popular casino game ever. And it's probably one of the simplest. Here is how you play blackjack:

Before taking the plunge playing blackjack in online casinos, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the basics of what the hands mean to maximize your winning potential.

Blackjack hands are assessed by what the point total is in your hand. You are playing against the dealer, not the other players so their hands are irrelevant. To beat the dealer's hand you must get higher points, have blackjack (21) or hope the dealer goes bust (over 21).

The outcome of the hands in the online casinos is as follows:

If the dealer in the online casinos has a blackjack and the player doesn't, the player loses. If the player has a blackjack and the dealer doesn't, the player wins. If both the player and the dealer have a blackjack it becomes a push, which means neither wins. If nobody has a blackjack then all the players play their hands, followed lastly by the dealer.

When playing blackjack in the online casinos there are terms used to indicate how you wish to play.

Hit: Take another card
Stand: Take no more cards
Split: If the 2 cards dealt in the online casinos have the same value it is possible to split them making 2 hands. If you choose to do this your wager must be doubled.
Doubling Down: The online casinos player, doubles the wager and takes another hit, then stands

The turn of the online casinos player is over after they stand, double down or bust. If the player goes bust they lose even if the dealer goes bust.

When all the players in the online casinos have played out their hand, it is the dealers turn to reveal their hand. It is required that the dealer must hit until they have a total of 17. If the dealer goes bust all the players (who didn't go bust) win.

These are the very basic rules when playing blackjack in online casinos. It is advisable for you to check out the individual online casinos rules before playing as they may vary. Most good online casinos have the option to play in the free mode, where you don't have to part with money while you are playing. Practice playing a few hands to familiarize yourself before parting with your cash.

Most online casinos offer insurance when playing a hand of blackjack. This means, if you think the dealer may have a blackjack you can buy insurance for half of your initial bet. If the dealer has blackjack you are paid 2:1 on your initial bet, if not, you lose your insurance bet.

When playing blackjack in online casinos you will discover that although it is a game of skill and strategy, once you understand the basics it is one of the easiest games to play.

 The game is played with 3 to 5 decks of card. In blackjack you play against the dealer (also called the house) and not against other players. The point of the game is to get higher points total than the dealer up to 21 points (see the point chart below). Everything over 21 points is considered a "bust" and whoever gets over 21 points first - loses.

 Each you and the dealer are dealt two cards face up. After that, if your 2 cards do not add up to 21 (which will make you a winner automatically, unless the dealer has 21 as well, then it's a "draw", nobody wins), you have the option to "hit" (ask for one more card) or "stay" (you are satisfied with your cards and do not want any more cards). If you "hit" and your total goes over 21 - you lose. You can hit as many times as you want, until you decide to "stay" or until you "bust" (your total goes over 21 points).

 When you decide to "stay" the dealer should hit automatically if he is under 17 points (16 at some casinos), if he has 17 points or more from the first two cards - the dealer automatically "stays".

 Point Chart

  • Ace - 11/1
  • King, Queen, Jack, Ten - 10
  • The rest of the cards have their face value, i.e. 7=7

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