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Blackjack Multiple Hands

 Blackjack has many critical points when heavily involved in the play of the game. So, you should question yourself when playing blackjack, when should I walk away from the blackjack table?

Sitting down at the table is a somewhat different story as getting up and walking away is. But, unless you’re vying away on those free sites and can lose as much as feel possible then your strategy should be to know when to call it quits.

Only you know the question to that. If you are playing well and on a hot streak why would you stop? So, if this is the case then you should know your limits and you won’t ever know when your streak is going to end. It would be a poor blackjack strategy to turn a night where you are up $15,000 finish up to a night where you made $2,000.

While you may have made out on some of the rounds its better to walk away from the blackjack table with something rather than nothing at all. You wouldn’t want to have to live with the guilt that you threw away something like $15,000.

Regarding of whether you are winning or losing, one of the first things you should appreciate when you learn how to play blackjack is that you need to keep your emotions in checks and balance.

If you’re on slight downward spiral, stop, take a break and then return to the table. Blackjack is a cruel game and doesn’t care for your emotions, therefore at the blackjack table you can’t afford to waste your emotions on this gruesome game either.

So, when you’ve mastered that skill, you can move onto learning how to play multiple hands in a game of blackjack. There are a number of boxes at the blackjack table and in theory a single player could play all of them and have three bets in each box. That is a lot of betting and is just about the furthest thing from free blackjack as you could get. Is there any merit to playing multiple blackjack hands? What exactly are the strategies for this and what are the best ways to carry them out?

Well, when you play multiple hands you are able to have more control of the blackjack table and rounds. With this you are responsible for more than one hand and you can use all of your cards accordingly. You can either win big or lose big which is a problem. Lets say the dealer is showing a 10. On anything from a 12-16 you are in trouble between a rock and a hard place.

How does playing multiple hands affect your net outcome? If you were playing two boxes of $10 there are now a whole number of possible scenarios but the only way you could win $20 is if you won both boxes on the same hand in blackjack.

When playing heads against the dealer multiple blackjack hands are good cause it takes cards out.

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