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Blackjack surrender and double down strategies

 For anyone who ever grew up with the phrase that you have a choice and the choices you make have consequences. While this statement is true, the same can be applied to gambling, but in a positive sense of the term. In the famed and acclaimed casino favourite of blackjack the player also has choices.
One of the key blackjack betting choices, which can end with an inner brawl is to surrender. This blackjack tactic is one of the most rarest choices made in blackjack, but it is important to know what it is and its importance, but that’s because a surrender should be made before any other decision. Not every style and type of blackjack game actually will involve a surrender, which then means you will have the option of late versus early.
Surrender only gives the player the option to fold first only costing you half of the initial bet rather than losing the whole pot. The only set back is that you need to make that decision before you make an additional move in the hand such as hitting or staying, splitting or drawing your third card. Once you’ve done that you are no longer able to call a surrender.

There are two different types of a surrender as mentioned above: the early and the late surrender, which in the end determines how the dealer will handle a blackjack. And a player is able to call for a surrender even before the dealer checks his own card for a blackjack.

But what is much more common in blackjack is the late surrender when the dealer first hopefully checks for that 21 star blackjack and when he realizes that he’s not as good as he thought he was then the casino contenders can then call in their late surrenders if they so desire. It is highly recommended that you shouldn’t even consider surrendering your hand unless you have a 25 percent or less chance of actually winning that hand meaning you will lose 75 percent of the time.

If you are going to do any type of surrendering at all, let me just say that it should be a late surrender unless you are some beyond experience blackjack expert who knows what their doing. Early surrenders are extremely rare opportunities that will catch you by surprise if they do happen.

Another type of strategy suitable for all of the blackjack players in doubling down. Now, what exactly is doubling down? We know that it gives the gambler a positive option, but of course can only be done with a two-card hand and before another card has been drawn.

So, when you are playing blackjack and you desire to double your bet you may double down and then select another card. If you realize you haven’t got a blackjack and you have less than eleven or a total of that number they say that is the best time to double down giving an opportunity for blackjack. Blackjack’s the game.

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