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Common misspellings of gambling and casino words.

 When people search on the Internet about terms related to online gambling or casinos, they often misspell the actual words. Here is a list of the most commonly misspelled keywords in the industry:

 When you mean casino (virtual or internet), you would often misspell it as casion, caisno, casions, onine casino, onilne casino. These were the most usual mistakes.

 When you mean gambling, you might write it as gambing, gamblng, gamling, onine gambling, onilne gambling. This is what the studies show for that word.

 When you meant poker (video or internet) - we have poekr, pokr, and pokre.

 When you intended to write betting/sports betting, it sometimes comes out as beting, bettng, spots betting, and sports beting.

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