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Craps bets for the casino contender

 For anyone who cannot get more than enough of that dice rolling casino hopping extravaganza then learning about the craps bets is for you.

Any consistent craps contender knows that a general bet is made before rolling those identical dice.

In some rounds before the shooter takes off a fire bet is made, something ranging between $1-5, this is with that expectant hope that someone will be on a crazed craps streak.

If the craps player is on a roll he will not gain from the fire bet until the fourth point and so on. If having a bet the maximum, the fourth point pays out with a $125 prize. The fifth point doubles that and so on.

Now the main bet in craps is where the pass line bet where you as that avid craps player prays that dice will roll on past the line where you will want to roll a point number before rolling a seven. Any one of the point numbers include the following: 4,5,6,8,9,10.

If you are kind of an oddball especially when it comes to your style of playing craps then maybe the odds bets are for you. When someone takes the odds bet this means that with the 36 different combinations with at least 8 ways to win and 24 ways to make a point.

Craps combinations can if chance lands on your side be the best of odds playing you have ever entered into.

If you’ve come to play craps with all seriousness then the craps come bet is certainly one bet that should be in your craps knowledge data base. The come bet is necessary if the shooter scores a point. The come out roll in craps is for the shooter to roll a seven where players will lose their come on bets but come out even with the odds money.

Included in craps many wagering wonders is the don’t come box where someone will make a bet based upon the dice predicting that it will not pass the line on the next sequence and the player is expectantly hoping for that seven or eleven to be rolled before the shooter’s precious point. In some casino craps extravaganzas they will place a ban on the two or the twelve. If one of these numbers are rolled by the shooter specifically then the competitor’s money is returned to him.

Now, wagering against the shooter can be somewhat complex where the bettor needs to stay on the long side of the bet. If someone makes a don’t pass bet when there is a $10 bet and a four is scored then that would be a good time to cast a good old odds bet for $20 bucks behind the line.

If the shooter rolls a seven then you – if the bettor – makes out as gaining some money for both bets that were made.

Knowing the various craps bets and how to use them properly will make your day.

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