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Progressive Video Poker Machine Meters

 Well, you would more than likely find familiarity with video poker progressive machines. Yet, did you ever stop and wonder how they operated, do you know what the progressive meter movement does?

So when playing video poker and vying away for a massive progressive jackpot, there are certain circumstances and cases in which the meter movement is practically the same as landing the jackpot because that may be just what it does for you.

If the video poker meter is doing such this then three conditions must be applied.

First of all there is an unlimited player’s bankroll, which allows for you to continue playing because you practically never run out of money. Two, the play time ceases to exist – it lasts forever. Third and most importantly you don’t have the threat of other players to steal your wonderful video poker jackpot because its you and the jingling and ready to be broken video poker machine.

Now, these three conditions can also be applied for video poker teams. Since under some circumstances one may be able to monopolize a bank of linked progressives until the jackpot is hit, playing around the clock and with access to enough funds to see them through the bad runs.

Yet, in spite of all these good things the reality of it is that at least one of the three conditions in video poker applied is false. This is analyzing the meter movement ends up being equivalent to receiving cash back that lead to not the wisest strategy decisions.

To simplify things enough to make them amenable to analysis, while not distorting things too much, let's assume we are playing a game on a video poker machines where there are only two possible outcomes – a winning or a losing jackpot.

The thing in video poker is that how much you will lose is dependent upon you actual strategy. What some do is they remove all of the variance from the play because of the non-jackpot hands you’re dealing with.

A perfect example of this is say your video poker machine’s jackpot is bouncing at $12,000 there are two different ways in which we will look at it. The first strategy is considered aggressive where one has little to nothing chance to winning, but goes for the big royal win. The video poker player here has a much higher loss rate. Then of course there is the video poker passive strategy costs only half a dollar per hand, but has a cycle of 20,000 double that of aggressive strategy.

So, in this video poker play, which strategy is most preferred? It is said that strategy A, the aggressive strategy, which is the faster. However, if all three points are applied then strategy P, is the likely way one should take. This is preferred because there is an infinite payroll and this is with the expectation that there will be cash back for video poker.

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