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Video Poker Double Double Bonus

 In video poker there are various types of games and bonuses, but a more beloved kind of video poker is the Double Double Bonus.

Many people have concerns and take great interest in Double Double Bonus Poker because of its rising popularity the prism of video poker. While this game is so popular it does have one major fault in that it only has 98.8 percent payback schedule or less and that alone is taboo in successful video poker strategizing.

Yet, it is widely known that full pay Double Bonus Poker is among professional video poker players’ favorites. This is why so many people believe that if Double bonus is great Double Double Bonus must be all the more greater.

Other video poker players may be confusing it with the all the more attractive Double Double Jackpot game by Sigma.

Perhaps too that more and more people are interested in playing this game as it becomes more widely available than 100 percent plus games outside the Nevada gaming region.

Or, perhaps it is because of its assortment of mini-jackpots on various quads that can be doubled if you have the right "kicker." Recreational players love the volatility when playing video poker.

No matter the description of the game or the playing strategy of the game, it continues to grow.

Before going on, however, that you understand that those shouldn’t indulge themselves in the game of video poker unless they are playing the machines that have at least medium sized jackpots can have a long-term edge even though those huge promotions can be very tempting as they are so much more attractive. The reality of it is that you should know the per-coin payoffs of the hands.

This analysis was done several years ago, using an early version of Video Poker Tutor. To account for the increased payoffs on certain quads with certain kickers, it was necessary to use an average payoff of 220 for four aces and 100 for four 2's, 3's and 4's. Current versions of Video Poker Tutor and WinPoker will actually handle such kicker situations, and the resulting probability figures will be a bit different, but the strategy in video poker is not significantly affected, so there's nothing to be gained by a new analysis. The slightly simplified playing strategy yields very close to the video poker game's maximum payback.

The Strategy in this video poker double double bonus is intended to hold any made pay of three-of-a-kind or better, except break a flush or a straight for any RF4. Also, if you are dealt quad A's, 2's, 3's or 4's you should hold the "kicker" (the fifth card) only if it's an A through four.

Note that we do not hold two or three unsuited high cards in video poker that include an ace. Dealt an ace and one or two other unsuited high card, we hold only the ace. The exception is when dealt A-Q-J unsuited hold the Q-J in video poker.

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