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Before you start playing video poker

 Mastering a machine can be somewhat tricky and this is those who’ve cracked the code have the skills for strategy. We are not just talking about any kind of machine here, but specifically that of a video poker machine. One master, of recreational gambling is here to share his thoughts with you on becoming that virtuoso video poker strategist.

This is none other than Ted Knuden who has dedicated the past 20 years of his life to refining that fire of video poker play. With his own personal video poker strategies for success others have caught one even joining in with partnerships with the man who has mastered the video poker machine. His mission to educated the world came after reviewing his own style of play and with the encouragement of his friends was convinced to teach others the key to winning at video poker.

Even those who feel they are experienced video poker players there is something to be learned from such a common, yet complex game. The most important thing to keep in mind is that there is not a single strategy that can guarantee a win, but you will have a much higher shot at it than you did before as you learn to properly play this game because it also doesn’t mean you will only lose, on the contrary.

You will want to walk into any casino with a little more than just lady luck since your goal in gambling is to make a fabulous fortune. Video poker is like all other games – a game of chance where you simply hope that you will walk away with more wins than losses.

In a normal game of poker, selecting the proper and right table can make all the difference in winning. The same applies to video poker. There are certain video poker machines that have become the chosen ones. The question remains of whether or not you will walk into their promised land or not.

When engaged in video poker you are playing with an evenly shuffled deck of cards, and everything has the same random outcome, the only difference is that your success is dependent upon the machine you are playing rather than others sitting at a poker table. This only shows that the odds are different in winning in video poker, but a video poker strategy can help you.

So, play the video poker machine with the highest payout rate. While you can easily find those machines that offer more than 100 percent pay outs, it may be difficult to win at those because it is only when you’ve invested hours into that particular machine and have taken complete advantage of this strategy. You will need knowledge about the game to become a great strategist.

Becoming that impressive video poker player lies beyond whether to pull the handle or hitting the spin button. Your mind must stayed fixed upon the machine with full concentration and that my friend is all the best strategy.

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