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Online Casino Games for Beginners

 If you have ever fancied trying your luck in regular casinos or online casinos but feel intimidated by the complicated games and betting systems, do not worry. There are games to suit every level of player such as really easy games like keno, right up to poker in all its complicated variations.

Online casinos offer hundreds of different games, so finding something to suit each player is an easy task.

The most basic games in online casinos begin with keno, slots and bingo. These are simple games that require no skill what so ever.

Keno is a game derived from an ancient Chinese game which historians believe was invented approximately 2100 years ago. It worked a little like a lottery and players had to pick 10 characters from a possible 120. The funds from the game went towards funding a weak army and later on to fund the building of the Great Wall of China. It is believed that Keno was brought to the US in the 19th Century by Chinese immigrants who worked in the mines and on the railroads. The game was modified to picking numbers from 1 – 80.

Most online casinos offer keno and the game is so easy to play. You pick from between 2 and 10 numbers out of a possible 80 and click play. The online casino software randomly picks 20 numbers and after, you can check your winnings against the pay table.

Bingo is another hugely popular game in online casinos. There are two versions of the game. 90 ball and 75 ball. Both games are effectively the same. The objective is to mark off as many numbers as possible. How much you win depends on how many numbers are marked off and in what patterns.

The most popular aspect of playing bingo in online casinos is the sense of community it fosters. All online casinos employ a chat monitor who encourages players to chat with each other and this helps to develop a warm and welcoming atmosphere into the online casinos.

The most popular games to play in land based as well as online casinos are the slot machines. These slot machines are basically all the same and they offer one line as a minimum while others have multiple lines to play with. There are all sorts of different versions of the same game and some online casinos devote their whole website to slot machines.

The object of the games is to line up a winning combination of symbols by spinning the reels. The online casinos put the pay table at the side of the screen so you can see how much you have won.

Whatever your choice of game you will find something to suit in online casinos. Most online casinos offer a free mode option of the game you wish to play, so you can practice without gambling any money. This allows the player to get accustomed to specific rules before parting with any cash.

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