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What kind of Blackjack player are you?

 Ever wanted to know about those great blackjack jackpots. Or better yet how about those who vie away at the blackjack table for hours because of their unintended blackjack addiction?

After intensive studies were conducted and casinos were evaluated a list of some of the best blackjack play as well as conducted an analysis of the various kinds of people who are competing in this casino frill. This is important for blackjack gamers to know considering that sitting at the table just might who they are and how they react to certain styles of play.

So in order to begin the blackjack bonanza at the table play let us begin with the Serious Sams. This is for those serious winners who can care less about having a good time and rather engage in a mind set on success. These gamers can’t even be seen cracking a smile and won’t say a word unless they have a riff with the dealer. Nothing can distract these blackjack junkies.

Then of course there are the mamas and papas of blackjack. These are the mid-aged people who’ve come to the gambling world as a means of recreation far away from the troubles of everyday life. These gamers usually have a general knowledge of the game, few with the simple strategies. But, gambling and playing blackjack are usually an only twice a year affair.

Now if you’re ready to dig deeper into the pit priceless play you may just be among those drunken frat boys. This is usually that “drunken frat boy” speaking with his other drunken frat brothers while merely sitting at the blackjack table. These are the gamers who don’t have their skill on because they’ve failed Blackjack Strategy 101 while at the same time thinking that he’s a gaming genius.

Are a hoverer? That blackjack gamer who will never think about ever sitting down at the table to play a round of your own, but will hover over your spouse, friend or family member? Usually these are the nude nicks of the game in which the player cannot engage in full concentration of his round of cards. The game becomes much more complex because of this and the great gambler will more than likely end up losing because of his special hoverer.

Now, are you a wishy-washy wandas? These are those long-time blackjack expert senior citizens who’ve mastered that game and can add some flavor to a hand or two. These gamers know how to enjoy what they’re doing add some spice of life while at the same time effectively playing blackjack. Even though they most of the time know what they’re doing there biggest downfall is that they may never stick the basics of the game, but in spite of it all without the wishy washy wandas, blackjack would just not be the same.

In conclusion, who are you? Do you play this favorite casino game so seriously you have no clue what’s going on or are you able to have fun.

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