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The History of Craps

 Can you get it together? Do you have your dice in control? Well, maybe not with craps and that may be because craps is that wild, roaring, casino hopping and dance drawing hall of a game.

Craps hails from the name of a game that is perhaps more fitting for being one of the royals of casino gaming. Craps closely resembles and perhaps is a cousin of the ancient English game of Hazard.

If we go back as early as 1125 AD it was a time of the Crusades who had laid siege on the castle called Hazarth. And so the game of Hazard is supposed a corrupted form of what happened at that castle during this time.

Yet, linguists have a different interpretation. They believe that if you take the meaning of the word Hazard (its root meaning) then you get the word “the dice” from it. There are even references to this game in Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales, to give people a framework of how popular it really was.

While this deems and remains a debatable subject it is craps we want to know about. It took some time before craps actually evolved. However, Hazard needed to expand its wings and when it did by making its debut in France they changed the name of the game to Craps and all the more so corrupting the rules of the game.

Yet, the throwing of two identical dice in the game of craps is a purely American maneuver and invention by nature, which cannot be seen at all in English or French history.

Other claim that craps’ first great adventure was crossing oceans on the Mayflower when America’s first foreign settlers stepped onto its soil from Britain and other parts of persecuted Europe.

Whatever craps consisted of back then was modified and beyond simplified to become what it is today. Many believe in Cajun country of New Orleans in Louisiana is where craps was evolved into what it is today.

The name of craps, although changed from the French crabs is also believed to have originated from the name of Frenchman Johnny Crapaud (Crap being French for toad), which many of his friends had given to him as a nickname because of his love for amphibians.

The game made its debut across the country of America through the Mississippi riverboats and other members around the craps table including a shooter, dealer and the guy who is in charge of the chips protecting them from cheating thefts.

Due to 20th Century gambling and casino, a specific Craps bank was developed with basic layout patterns and tables for payment.

Today Craps is the largest gambling game and venue in the history of the world because in terms of money wagered it has received the most.

So, if you’re ready to play then take those two dice and roll away. You may be rolling away into some big winnings that will never again allow you to doubt the great gambling world.

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