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Safe Gambling at the Online Casinos

 The choice of online casinos is astounding and it is impossible to choose where to go unless you have solid recommendations from fellow gamers.

First and foremost NEVER choose online casinos by the size of the bonus they are offering. A $500 bonus may seem tempting but remember, there are usually all sorts of hurdles to jump over before online casinos pay out.

Brick and mortar casinos in the US are among the most heavily regulated and restricted industries in the country. These casinos have to comply with licensing requirements of the state and federal law and taxation and money laundering laws. The land based casinos are strictly monitored by the Gaming Control Board to make sure nothing underhand is going on.

In the world of online casinos, it is a completely different story. Online casinos operate from offshore locations and as a consequence are not subject to any rules or regulations. So these online casinos, which are unlicensed, unregulated and untaxed, have the opportunity to take advantage of players, by defaulting on winnings and using fraudulent casino software.

Many unscrupulous individuals see the online casinos industry as an opportunity to scam innocent gamblers. These casinos frequently change the rules in their casinos, making it difficult for players to cash in their winnings or receive bonuses, some casinos even withhold winnings from players who win large amounts and some of the worst online casinos have been known to steal from their customers.

Some online casinos use software that cheats the gamblers. This software can be programmed so the casino sets their own pay schedule and chooses who wins and who loses.

Many online casinos have appalling customer service or in the worst cases, none at all.

Before you choose where you want to game, there are a few guidelines to know before you begin.

Make sure that the online casino you choose, has a customer service number and call it BEFORE you begin gaming. If the staff are helpful and friendly this is a good sign. If it is impossible to get hold of anyone then don't bother with the website.

Only game with online casinos registered in territories where there are strict regulations. A good example is the Isle of Man off the coast of Great Britain. Online casinos registered here have to deposit $2 million (US) to receive a gaming license from the government. This deposit ensures the customers protection.

Do as much research before hand and check out the company's software providers. You will find that the best online casinos use the major software suppliers. The casinos may not have regulations to adhere to but the software suppliers do, and the regulations of fair gaming are very strict. If the casino doesn't reveal who their supplier is then avoid the website.

It may seem daunting but with a few easy checks you can weed out the disreputable companies and eCOGRA also gives 'play it safe' seals of approval to the best gaming companies.

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