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Simple video poker

 When most people think of video poker, they tend to lump it together with online slots games. Although video poker is a type of online slots, the game itself is very different because you can actually affect the outcome of the game and the odds by the way you play. If a person knows how to play poker correctly, then they will have no trouble winning video poker. The most important thing to know when playing video poker, is that there are only four rules to the game, and then you will win.

Basically, video poker is a very simple game, and is based off of well known poker rules. The only real difference is that in video poker you are only playing against the machine.

Just like in land based poker games, the video poker game will deal five cards on the screen, and you can keep the cards or get up to five new cards. Once you want to keep the cards, you just press the hold button under the cards on the screen, and then press play. Once a player presses play, the game begins and the cards that you want to swap are swapped. Now you just see who wins, you or the machine.

Sounds simple enough right! Well just in case, these are the four rules that are needed to win it big with video poker slots games.

First of all make sure to put the odds in your favor before you start playing. While video poker is still a slot game, it is based upon the standard deck of 52 cards, which means that there are 2,598,960 possible combinations. Since video poker is also a computer program, it will try to simulate the probabilities of live poker games. Casinos adjust payout tables to fit with the fixed possibilities, and they are always adjusted to the advantage of the house.

In general the payouts on the video poker machines will be the same, and only big hands will make much of a difference with payouts. So make sure you are playing at a high paying machine, and then the odds will defiantly be in your favor.

The second step to winning at video poker is to play the maximum number of coins possible. If you bet five counts this gives all the winning hands a much better payout factor. Also, if players plays anything other than the maximum number of coins in video poker, then they can never win with a Royal Flush, and will never wind up winning in the long term.

The next step is proven to work time and time again: play a long time, with video poker there is no such thing as short term results. And this leads right into step number 4, there is no casual play winning with video poker.

Both these rules are mathematically based, and say that the many strategies need patience in order to work. Patience and concentration are the ways to win.

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