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General recommendations for slots play

 There are basic and general recommendations when playing the slots. The first is knowing how many line to bet on. In slots, you will always want to bet all lines to maximize the win. In progressive slots, you won’t hit the jackpot if you don't play all the lines. If the betting amount is too high for you, find a progressive with a lower betting amount. Use the coin size or the number of coins bet per line to adjust amount of bet where available.

Also, something for you to know is the frequency of the payouts. You can keep track of the various slots pay out and you will come to find that some have large wins and others small. It is good for you to make a list of them so that you will have wiser intuition when learning to pick in the future.

If you’re looking for something sassy to use, then use the gamble feature and use it wisely. This is where you gamble when your win is smaller than your bet. Some people always gamble at slots only when they’ve lost most of their deposit and are down to their last few spins. If you win you can replenish your bankroll that way, if not you were probably going to go out anyway the slots game.

Now are you a person who loves to play streaky slots? While slots are truly random, and much work and research as well as constant audits go to making sure the random generators really work. Every consistent player will tell you that slots are streaky.

Few players will find a succession of slots until they find one "that is hitting." Others will play the smallest possible number of coins until it begins to hit and then you are able to increase your bets.

Payout figures in another important element when playing on these ancient machines. Most casinos will give you a percentage payout. Let's say the payout this month for slots at a specific casino is 95 percent. That doesn't mean that 95 percent of the people who play walk away as winners. Lets say you put down a $100 deposit and now you are playing at a slot at $2.50 a spin.

This goes to show you that 95 percent of your $2.50 will be paid out again. Maybe I am playing at the same time, and I get a $4.00 hit. The reality and perhaps good thing about it is that some of payout is from your put down as well as from previous slots contenders.

The bottom line in slots is the same with all gambling endeavors. This is how to do it the smart way:

a) Choose only the most reputable casinos, you will benefit from it in the end.

b) Learn everything you can about your game. Even in slots there are things you need to know.

c) Set a budget for slots. Do not under any circumstances go over your budget.

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