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The types of slot machines

 Slot machines have become a casino favourite of most people who come to play or hop online for the experience of a lifetime. Slots have become an all-time favourite and can be found anywhere, there is no escaping them, not that you would want to.

But in all of the slots galore how many of you though there was only one kind of money giving machine? If so let me introduce you to the various types slots out there. Well, basically there are technically only two kinds of slots they are the straight slots and the progressive slots.

If you find that luck is settled in playing the straight slots here is a little information about them. When you approach different slots throughout the casino and an amount is written across this casinos beauty of lets say $10,000 then you know that is the predetermined amount of money the machine will pay you if you luckily hit the jackpot.

There are some machines that have a specific payout schedule with the amount of coins one actually will bet in their time of play. For example, someone only playing one-coin spin at a time who hits the jackpot may only receive a 800 coin payout whereas someone playing two-coins will get 1,600 coins and the smart risky gamblers who go all out with the maximum amount of bets with three-coins the jackpot will pay you 2,400 coins. The total amount in dollars is dependent upon if the slots you were playing were nickel, quarter or dollar machines.

The other kinds of machines out there are the progressive slots. Progressive slots are those jackpots whose payouts continue to accumulate until someone takes home the dough. There are various types of progressive machines, but the more bets made the greater the jackpot grows.

The stand-along progressives are those that grow from a network of machines that are placed throughout the casino where basically you are playing all the machines at once or at least have a chance for the whole pot.

One can usually distinguish between a machine that is or is not a progressive machine, but is displayed payout schedule.

Here is something important to know about vying away on the progressive slots. That supposedly you have better odds of winning when playing on these machines, but like most games luck is the overall determining factor in whether you will strike it big or not.

If anyone wants to take home the largest progressive jackpot there must be maximum betting with you placing best on all the pay-lines of the machine. Using this method when playing the slots may end up costing you more, but if you win, you will definitely be walking away with more. The more experienced progressive machine players always play the max bet and of course they are the ones who have the higher winning probability. Don’t waste your weeks your days or minutes there are even places as close as online casinos to play slots.

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