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Video Poker expected return value

 When you’re there sitting in the casino or at home at a machine, you’re there for one reason and one reason only, to play video poker.

Within video poker that are various odds and expected returns, which can affect everything in the midst of your play and strategy. So, let me first introduce you to what exactly are expected returns. In video poker just like all other gambling games they are the long-term results out of all the decision you have decided to make. The expected valued in video poker is determined by the payouts for each of the different hands.

So, as part of having the right strategy in the game you must know how to hold the right cards and discard the right ones always thinking in the long-term. It can be simple or complex, something even as important as drawing the straight or drawing the flush.

Here is one good example in video poker of how an expected return actually determines correct strategy.

Okay so let’s say you’re playing 9/6 jacks or better and you just happen to get paid 6 to 1 for a flush and 4 to 1 for a straight. If you have four cards for a flush in your hand and nine cards out of 47 cards left in the deck which can complete your hand, or 9/47. (This is because there are 13 cards of each suit, and you already have four of them.) So your chances of winning 6 for 1 is 9/47.

Yet, if you’re fully engaged in video poker then it is important also to note that having an outside straight draw with only 8 out of 47 cards.

So, in the gist of all video poker expected returns is how you will get paid off after having multiplied these odds. For example, for the flush draw, the expected return is 9/47 X 6, or 115 percent and for the straight draw the expected return is 8/47 X 4, or 68 percent.

Video poker in all these terms may seem all the more confusing, but it is critical to know where you can stand. Any keen video poker player would read and listen intently to all instructions that would help him become that video poker winner.

So, the type of strategy may or may not be obvious, but it always involved calculating the highest expected return for all of the 32 ways it is possible to play a hand according to the highest expected return in video poker.

So, now that you know what exactly to do with the highest expected return and how to play against the odds, take a seat at most comfortable video poker machine and begin the video poker extravaganza always thinking in the long-term so that when you are ready to walk away from the video poker machine you will walk away with the most money. So, don’t waste your time and get started playing video poker because it’s time to win.

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