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Why you should play video poker

 Have people constantly told you that you need to play video poker, but they’ve never told you why? Well there are great and many reasons why you should play for video poker is a game you will develop a love for. Video poker in many ways is a lot like slots, but it take a lot more brain power. It is a game that sparks the intellect of those who need to think and analyze in their gaming endeavours. Video poker as well know hails from traditional poker and is vastly different from slots in that it takes precision and skill.

While video poker is different from slots it does have some similarities and we will go over that. First of all they both are manufactured by one company. One the plus side of things, both offer progressive machines in that poker players have a shot at racking up the dollars for a much larger jackpot than originally starting out at. As you will end up finding out, machines for both video poker and slots are almost like twins in relation to its shape and size.

Yet, it is important to know as aforementioned that video poker and slots have many differences. First of all, slots do not allow for the competitor to make any decisions, which will affect the overall payback percentage. It is only in video poker where strategy truly matters.

In contrast to this innovative game, slots use random number generators, which determine the final outcome of the game rather than what the player has selected who is some sense of the term and with the right strategies can have that great chance at hitting the jackpot.

It is also important to know that in video poker payback percentages will always be higher that that simple slot machine. And in the long run video poker machines will show you just that. If you’re indecisive and don’t know what to play, just remember that slot machines will never give you a positive expectation.

Now, that you know video poker’s similarities and differences to slots, here we will relate it to poker. With video poker you don’t have the pressure with many players stressing you out with what to do for your next move. But like in both games hand rankings do remain the same.

The few things you actually can’t do in video poker are bluffing, reading your opponents in order to make a strategist move and beating another hand. You’re only trying to beat a specific hand that’s listed on the payout.

After learning all the similarities and differences you are only left with one question, so why should I play video poker?

Well, the most important reason is because it is fun and builds the player’s satisfaction at a greater level than in slots. And, the best part about that is that you’re going to lose less money and win more. Who wouldn’t want to play a game like this. Video poker’s the game for you.

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