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Casinos in Florida

 Our current list of casinos in Florida. We have not included cruise casinos, dog tracks and horse racing.

 Interesting facts about Florida: Did you know that Florida has the most registered cruise and ship casinos in the world? Also, according to a Florida high school survey by the local Council of Compulsive Gambling 90% of the teens say they have gambled already. Also, in the Florida casinos there are no dealer games.

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 Below are the casinos we have for the state. To get directions to any casino from anywhere, we recommend you visit MapQuest and enter the address.


Casinos in Florida (FL)
Big Cypress Casino
Address: Government Rd
City: Clewiston
Phone: (863) 983-7245
Player Reviews: 0
Seminole Casino Coconut Creek
Address: 5550 Northwest 40th Street
City: Coconut Creek
Phone: (954) 977-6700
Player Reviews: 1
K.G.: The outside of the casino looks like an old airplane hangar. The slot area is alright but kind of crammed. The poker room upstairs is a different story. It is always filled with smoke cause it has very little ventilation and no fans. Maybe when they finish with their remodeling and if they ever get Vegas-style table games I will go back.
Seminole Casino - Hollywood
Address: 4150 North State Road 7
City: Hollywood
Phone: (954) 961-3220
Player Reviews: 0
Seminole Casino - Immokalee
Address: 506 South First Street
City: Immokalee
Phone: (239) 658-1313
Player Reviews: 1
From Jack: The absolute worst paying slots I have ever encountered. You would be more likely to get money out of a parking meter than a slot machine at Immokalee.
They offer hidden bonuses than nobody seems to win like their hidden $250 player credit that supposedly 1000 customers will win....BullSh..! I have yet to have ever seen a single person win one of these and I have been playing here some quite awhile... they take advantage of mostly seniors who think they have a chance to win and then lose all their money to these rip off artists!
Miccosukee Resort & Gaming
Address: 500 SW 177th Avenue
City: Miami
Phone: (305) 222-4600
Player Reviews: 0
Seminole Casino - Okeechobee
Address: 17735 Reservation Road
City: Okeechobee
Phone: (863) 467-9998
Player Reviews: 0
Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
Address: 5223 North Orient Road
City: Tampa
Phone: (813) 627-7625
Player Reviews: 13
From Gary: What a joke the Florida casinos are. You can't play craps or roulette. The legislature figures it's OK to lose your $ but not at real casinos games like craps or roulette. How about the fact that you can't play Blackjack in all the casinos. What do they think, people living in certain counties are smart enough to play , but those living in other counties aren't? Slots are super tight, the joint is super smoky, food is very overpriced and it's very loud. Having lived in CT., I miss the real casino action at Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun.

From Darla: I agree with the other reviews about this casino, hardly ever see any one win big, no free drinks, no competition , going for 10 years and once in a while see someone win a few hundred, more people at the atm than any other casino in the united states the only machine that pays.

From Frank: Stay away from these casinos if you enjoy playing slot machines. Machines are fixed to pay out very little, not like Las Vegas. Worst casino I have ever been in. Probably because there is no competition in Florida, so the Indian Tribe can set up any payout structure they want on the Slot Machines-since they are not even regulated like a "real" casino. You will be better off buying Lottery tickets-have a better chance at winning.! Take a walk around the casino-do you see anybody smiling in there ?Probably not-because most of the people are losing their "a#$% !!

From Sue: Hope you like to loose! The machines here give a little while taking a lot! Wins are far and few, lost thousands of dollars in 2 months and never got any big wins! Joining as a member does not pay out any better. A word to the wise stay away, go some where else! I did a lot better in Biloxi and stay away from the Hard Rock there also.

From Elizabeth: Spent 3 months in Florida. I am a BIG slot machine junkie. I went to this casino 3 times. First time I was highly disappointed but gave it two more tries. All 3 tries were terrible. Very, very poor returns on your money. Couldn't win any playback money to even stay interested. First two times I lost over $400 in about an hour. I've played all over the US and never had bad luck like I had it there. Went back the 3rd time to give it one more chance. I got bored losing so much money in such a smoke filled atmosphere. and the others are right. If you start running out of money there is no nickel or penny machines to pass some time. It was a 3 hour trip to get there and a very disappointing stay. I go to Florida every year for 3 months but will not go back to this casino again.

From Marge: If this is Vegas style gambling then I will not be going there for a while. They have high minimums on all machines and no penny machines. Very few quarter machines and almost all of them require 3 or more quarters at a time. Too much smoke. Not very good ventilation.

From Kim: The slots are great. Like music to my ears when I walk in. They seem to be pretty loose as well. I've hit a jackpot at the same time the person next to me hit the same jackpot. Atmosphere is generally good. Sometimes you'll run into a few cranky grey hairs. The memorabilia is awesome. Definitely take sometime to walk around and look and read. Drinks are reasonably priced at the bar. The poker room is a little intimidating. I am a poker player, however the room there is roped off. And the check-in desk sometimes has a line. Check out the hotel and pool area as well. Very nice. Bring a swimsuit.

From Greg: If you come for Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, or anything other than slots and poker your going to be disappointed. The "casino" is one large game room with hundreds of slot machines making all kinds of racket. The poker room has 2 rooms each with about 24 tables and they are usually full on the weekends, I've been there at 12:30 am on a Saturday Night and had to wait over an hour for a 1-2 limit table. The largest stakes are a $2-$2 table which is a weird structure. They do have a variety of tournaments if you don't mind paying a 30% rake (tourney fee). I'd give it a 2 on a scale of 1-5. They do have big MTT but like I said, they too have a 30% rake.

From Michael: I have been to Vegas 3 times now and, comparatively, Seminole Hard Rock Casino is not a very good casino. First, their slot machines are much more expensive to play overall. There are barely any nickel slots that I could find, let alone penny slots. If you are looking to play just to have fun for a few hours, stay away. Also, I played a few games, such as Wheel of Fortune, and Vegas machines pay out much more frequently than Seminole. The atmosphere is really smoky from cigarette smokers and drinks are way overpriced. They don't even offer free drinks like in Vegas, which is surprising since you pay a lot to play there... Overall, very disappointing. All of my friends say they have stopped going there because they always come out disappointed.

 From Robert: If your going to just have fun and possible win a little money or not its a great place to hang out. sat. night is very busy and yes the drinks are not free! but overall its a good time! and they now have Vegas style slots.

From Michael: I visited this casino on 7-5-08 and with all the 17 casinos I have been at around the United States I find this casino very disappointing because of the way they have the slot machine's set up for example the .25 cent machine , they tell you the minimum you will bid such as 5 bids minimum in which if a person drops a twenty dollar bill in a machine you will lose it within 5 minutes because of the 5 bid minimum . I am use to playing machines that has no minimum except for one bid minimum and the way they charged me $3.55 cents to take out cash from a atm machine for $40.00 dollars , most casinos I go to have there own debit card system where you put money on the card and stick it in slot of the machine which is no hassle to the workers and saves allot of time of being in line to get cash so overall my experience with this casino is the first and last time I will go there and besides that they don't even give you a complimentary soft drink while you are playing.

From Catherine: I've been a regular player for many years. Before they even had slots. (Just Bingo) My experience is you won much more years ago on the older slot machine. You heard the winnings, bells and screams. Now the machines are so much tighter it's impossible to break even. Usually you'd be on a loosing streak. I have to agree with most of the other players. It becomes old news when you're always loose.

From Edwina: Not sure when previous reviews were written but you can blackjack, poker and I think now Roulette. The slots are a pain but it is the casino atmosphere we go for. Take only the money we are willing to lose and NEVER go to the ATM. They did a big remodeling not too long ago. Remember there is a big difference between Bingo slot machines and Vegas style slots. Hard Rock has changed back and forth between the two. Bingo slots are terrible.
We went to Coconut Creek this weekend (10/05/2012) for the second time and not impressed. As we were driving there we noticed a sign for the ISLE casino in Pompano. It isn't very far so we went there. Still not impressed however. It is attached to Pompano Park horse racing track somehow. They are next door to each other.

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